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As a result of the financial crisis of 2008, a client found themselves with a large portfolio of foreclosed assets needing to be sold, and only Excel to manage them.

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Corporate Minute Books

Cisco offices around the world would request entity-related documents via phone, fax and email. Cisco Corporate Legal would then locate the document in paper-based minute books, stored in three-ring binders, and fax the requested documents (...)

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MediaWiki, the world’s largest wiki content management system, produces webpages that are clean and simple to read. But collecting them is a noisy, recursive nightmare. MediaWiki articles are clean, well formatted, and simple. Behind the sc (...)

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FTP Crawler

A client was receiving productions on a frequent, yet erratic basis. The productions were being uploaded to a shared FTP, but there was no notification or alert of new data being added, and no real organizational standard for adding data, a (...)

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Troll Tracker

Patent Trolls, a somewhat pejorative term for patent holding companies or non-practicing entities, exist primarily to engage in litigation with large companies that may infringe on patents they own. Their business operations are minimal, an (...)

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